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Cheap Web Hosting

So, are you looking for a “cheap” web hosting that is reliable and quick?

Solid uptime, good page load time, and reliable customer support – these are the factors you have to consider when looking for a cheap web host. But, finding a reliable web host that can offer such affordable solutions is a daunting process.

The main reason why that is such a difficult process is that there are numerous web hosting services. And, each one of them has unbeatable affordable offers. But, sacrificing quality web hosting service is a big no-no.

To narrow your choices for a web hosting service, in this article, I am going to be discussing two of the best web hosting services. These two web hosting services have long been offering hosting solutions at unbeatable cost.
Let’s find out the best cheap and affordable web hosting services:

1. HostGator: ($3.95/mo) 


With over 8 million domains across the world, HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting services in the industry. HostGator guarantees up to 99.99% uptime, and comes with 1-click WordPress installation.

24/7 reliable customer support makes sure you get in touch with HostGator no matter which part of the world you reside in. HostGator has been offering seamless hosting services since 2002. It has grown up to become one of the most popular web hosts.

HostGator Performance

So, you have signed up for a web host at the cheapest rate on the market. Then, you have discovered that your website is excruciatingly slow. Sometimes, your website even disappears.

What will you do then?

You will regret signing up to such service. For this reason, it is important you sign up with a web host that is fast and reliably stable.
So, how did HostGator do when it comes to performance?
I created a test site to find out how fast HostGator is. I used this tool called “Pingdom” to measure website speed.

With HostGator, my testing site loaded just under a second on a HostGator server hosted in Dallas, Texas. I was extremely surprised. As, HostGator proved 94 times as fast as all tested sites.

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HostGator Hosting Plans & Features

HostGator comes with a variety of plans. No matter how big or small your website is, HostGator has plans for your website.
HostGator Plans include:

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• Shared Hosting

Share Hosting is the most popular plan offered by HostGator. Shared Hosting is the best plan to start a new website with low-volume traffic. With Shared Hosting plan, your website shares its resources other websites hosted on the same server.

HostGator’s Shared Hosting Plans

Hatchling: this plan allows you to host only one website.
Baby: this plan supports hosting of multiple websites.
Business: this plan supports hosting of small business websites.

 VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

HostGator’s VPS plans include:
Snappy 2000: the plan offers 2GB of RAM, 1.5TB of monthly data transfers, 120GB of disk space.
Snappy 4000: it comes with generous 4GB of RAM, 165GB of disk space.
Snappy 8000: this plan offers 8GB of RAM, 3TB of monthly data transfer, 240GB of disk space


• Dedicated Server

HostGator’s Dedicated Server is customizable for up to 1TB of SSD Storage, unlimited monthly data transfers, and 32GB of RAM.

• Offers affordable, yet solutions hosting solutions
• Excellent uptime, 99.99% uptime guaranteed
• Weebly site building tools
• cPanel
• 24/7 customer support
• No Windows-based VPS plan
• Doesn’t have cheap domain service  Visit Now

2. Best Cheap Web Hosting For BlueHost: ($2.95/mo)

Hundreds of thousands of website users entrust BlueHost with their websites. BlueHost has been the poster child for cheap web hosting. BlueHost currently has 2 million websites registered with their servers.
Due to excellent uptime (99.98%), BlueHost is preferred by most bloggers and webmasters. It offers one of the most reliable, affordable Shared hosting plans. The average load time for a site hosted on BlueHost is 521 ms.

BlueHost is really beginner friendly. You can get your website up and running in no time with BlueHost. If you wish to sign up with BlueHost, you will get a domain for free. You can get in touch with BlueHost representatives 24/7/365.

WordPress Hosting BlueHost hosted more than 850,000 WordPress websites. Plus, WordPress officially lists BlueHost as one of their recommended hosting service providers for Website hosting services.
Striking a great balance between website traffic, and resources avoid downtime significantly makes BlueHost reliable and reputable.

BlueHost Hosting Plans

kick-starting your website is a daunting process. In a fast-evolving Ecommerce climate, all businesses need websites for attracting the target population, and developing great marketing strategy.

BlueHost offers great services and plans for businesses that are just newly created, or administrators who gained experiences.
There are four main different types of BlueHost hosting services:

Shared Hosting

BlueHost Shared web hosting plans are divided into three tiers — Basic, Plus, and Pro. BlueHost doesn’t have month-to-month shared hosting options. You have to commit to at least an annual plan to sign up with BlueHost.

BlueHost offers attractive discounts on a two-year, or three-year plan. Even the biennial, and triennial plans will cost you significantly less than an annual plan.

Dedicated Hosting

Like shared hosting; BlueHost dedicated hosting also comes with three categories — Standard, Enhanced, and Premium. However, unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting has monthly-based plans, leading to a 12-month term. All three tiers of BlueHost plans come with cPanel, and WHM tools.
WHM makes your server management tasks easier, and cPanel eases site management tasks.

• VPS Hostng

VPS has the most tiers of plans with BlueHost. BlueHost offers 4 tiers of VPS hosting. The cost for a BlueHost plan can be as low as $29.99 per month, and as high as $119.99.
The four categories of VPS hosting are Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate. The all four tiers come with cPanel, and WHM tools.

WordPress Hosting

BlueHost features four tiers of WordPress plans similar to VPS plans.

• Comes with eCommerce tools like DaDa Mail, Magento, ShopSite, etc.
• Easy-to-use, and easy-to-handle user dashboard and options
• Excellent web hosting service
• Money-back guarantee policy
• Pre-installed CMS

• Lacks servers for Windows-based platforms
• Requires commitment to a 3-year plan for $2.95 plan

BlueHost and HostGator are the best two website hosting services with affordable plans. In this article, I discussed everything you need to know about these two web hosts.

Bluehost is widely popular for its reseller hosting, low cost shared hosting and domain registrations plan. Headquartered in 50,000 square foot office area the company was founded in 2003 and at present headed by Dan Handy, former COO in order to focus on business & technical development.

Bluehost is basically a group of companies that includes FastDomain & HosMonster as well. The family has now been purchased by Boston, MA-based Endurance International Group.

Web hosting reviews of BlueHost reveals a spectacular customer support. They hold a bold claim- waiting time is less than 30 seconds for the phone call for any customer from all across the world.

BlueHost is an ideal choice if you are looking at 100% in-house services with greater efficiency. With its own fiber connections, data centers of 20,000 square feet and Linux kernel on custom-built servers BlueHost is a one point contact when you need help and support.

Whether you are planning to step into the business world through your initial website or you are a seasoned internet pro, professional assistance is all you need for greater success.

If you want to make a list of top 10 largest web hosting companies HostGator will always hit the list with over 8,000,000 hosted domains. HostGator’s 850 employees are highly knowledgeable and are dedicated to providing superior customer support around the clock. HostGator can even provide you Fortune 500 hosting along with personal and business web hosting.

This Best Web Hosting Reviews company states that each plan of HostGator comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee and 45 days money back guarantee that is announced by the company’s CEO himself. Visit BlueHost 

HostPapa Web Hosting Reviews 

HostPapa is a Canada based web hosting company founded in 2006 and one of the leading companies that provide environmentally friendly shared web hosting. The company strives to provide fully featured web hosting packages backed up by green energy.

This web hosting review reveals that HostPapa ensures a guaranteed 99.9% uptime while providing Linux & Windows based hosting via VPS, reseller plans and shared hosting simultaneously.

As the company offers an optional add-on to website builders this is an ideal solution for those who are passionate about incorporating Google Apps or trying to build mobile websites. Due to the efficacy of their services, HostPapa holds the concentration of small & medium sized businesses which are spreading their footprint in different regions of the world.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Reviews

With a boasting journey since 2008 GreenGeeks aims to offer absolute ‘green hosting’. Over the years the company has evolved on a rapid scale and proud to be the largest green hosting provider in the North American region with over 0.2 million websites under its belt.

For PHP-based open source applications like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress etc GreenGeeks delivers a secure web hosting environment in an extended manner. This continuous supremacy has made GreenGeeks different from other web hosts.

With sheer professionalism, over a decade experience in hosting market and helpful attitude towards customers, GreenGeeks’s operation & management team have set a new customer service standard that others could dream off.

This hosting review is based on the analysis of uptime, price value and customer support service of GreenGeeks.

DreamHost Cheap Web Hosting Reviews

DreamHost offers VPS & dedicated services but is best known for low-cost shared web hosting along with cloud storage. Since 1997 the company has a proven track record of delivering excellence in the field of web hosting & domains.

The affiliate program of DreamHost is truly attractive-cash rewards for referrals. The company comes with 97 days money-back guarantee promise. DreamHost is very much aware of the environment and is entirely carbon neutral despite having one million domains.

DreamHost’s offers Debian Linux based shared hosting. Besides, the company has 100% uptime guarantee in all shared, VPS & dedicated hosting. The control panel of DreamHost is entirely in-house and absolutely customizable.

With the help of One-click installer software you can install phpBB, Moodle, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla almost instantly. You will have the luxury to enjoy a free domain name for 365 days with every package you purchase.

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7 Tips To Look For When Researching Hosting Companies

Cheap Web Hosting Monthly Bandwidth Allowance – Are you expecting lots of visitors or will you be hosting large files for download. Beware of hosts offering unlimited bandwidth.
Disk Space – The amount of disk space is dependant upon how many websites you wish to host and how large the files are that you will be hosting.
iNode count – An iNode is a file on your website. 1 page is 1 iNode. I image is an iNode. Know the limit on iNodes so you know how many files you can host.

Server Up-Time – You will see hosting companies offering uptime from around 95% t0 100% with many offering 99% uptime. Cheaper hosting will have less reliable uptime and this might not be a problem. However, if your livelihood depends on your web pages being served, then downtime can be more expensive than high-quality hosting.

Quality of Support – Will you need to call support if you don’t know how to ftp your home page. If so, expect to pay for it – Also, you would want to make sure you can call support (i.e. there is a phone number to call!). Try emailing or phoning the hosting companies on your shortlist to see what responses you get (and how timely those responses are).

Number of Domains Hosted – If you are planning on setting up a lot of websites then it could pay to look for a Web Host that caters for this. Many offer multi-domain hosting and some even offer unlimited domain hosting.

Look for coupons – You’d be a fool to pay more for hosting that the other customers! Do yourself a favor and llok for hosting coupons for the host you are interested in. Check for our coupons here.


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