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Welcome To Top Web Hosting Reviews was created to help the everyday web master find the best web hosting company for his/her website. Our reviews are done manually and are open for comments by current and prior customers of the listed web hosting business. This blog puts extra effort into making these reviews fair and unbiased towards each hosting company we review. The purpose of this site is to review the top web hosting companies each year in the modern day hosting marketTop Web Hosting Reviews

Choosing a web host guide.

Choosing the right web hosting provider is key to the success of your website. I have written this guide to help you decide on which host to go with. When choosing a host, you should consider the following key features: what their systems support, how reliable, how reputable, and how much?

A linux based host will almost always offer support for PHP, Perl, and MySQL. Most of the popular web scripts today run with a combo of PHP and MySQL. Be sure to check your script requirements before choosing the web host.
A windows web host will usually provide support for ASP, Cold fusion, and MsSQL. Usually people who choose a windows web host aren’t going to use the main stream web scripts available out there. The scripts they run are mostly custom made scripts designed specially for his/her website. Again, you will want to check the requirements out before deciding.

Host server reliability is a key requirement. If you plan to make any money off your website, being up at all times is crucial. If your website is down, you lose money. It is that simple. Look for a host that offers 99.5% + uptime SLA. While this won’t keep your site from going down, it forces your web host to continuously monitor their servers or else they will be refunding a lot of money to their customers.

A HostGator Review

Top Web Hosting Reviews For HostGator is a big player in the web hosting industry today. HostGator is also one of the handful of web hosts that actually own their datacenter and offices. Most web hosting providers own servers in another companies datacenter while HostGator has their own setup.
Since it’s startup in 2002 by Brent Oxley, HostGator has grown to be one of the biggest web hosting providers on the internet. Today they host over 1 million domain names. It takes a company with a lot of organization and care to handle such a large amount of customers. It becomes challenging to maintain a solid hosting business at around 2,00000 customers. HostGator is able to do it with 1 million so that should be a testament to how their customers feel about their service.

Service Overview

Shared Web Hosting – Currently HostGator only supports Linux shared web hosting however they have plans for Windows shared hosting coming shortly.
For $2.75/m or $1.95/m at 2 year pre-pay you will get everything you need to operate your website. They offer a free Site Builder and a script auto-installation system. They offer a 45 day money back guarantee on all their plans.
<< View their shared web hosting plans >>

Reseller Web Hosting

HostGator has an extensive reseller program run on Cpanel servers. Their reseller program offers enough resources for up to hundreds of clients. Their reseller program is an easy, and most of all cheap, way to getting extra cash flow from your clients.
For only $24.95/m you will get everything you need to appear as a professional web hosting customer. They even include a free enom domain name reseller system with signup. If you don’t know how or feel like building your website, you can simply select one of their pre-made hosting templates and go from there.
<< Check out their reseller plans which are perfect for new web hosts >>

Dedicated Servers
Most web hosts have the resources to offer shared and reseller hosting, but there are only a few that can offer their own dedicated servers. These are real dedicated servers from HostGator and not a dedicated server they are reselling through another datacenter. They own and operate everything in the DC so there are no delays from going through the middle man.
While their servers are a little bit more expensive than some of their competitors, starting at $119.95/m, they definitely offer more as far as technical support and features are concerned.
<< See HostGator Dedicated server specials >>
Included with all of HG’s web hosting services are some nice features:
• 24/7 technical support
• 24/7 Phone and Live Chat
• Free Control Panel Access
• Free SiteBuilder Access
• Thousands of free web design templates
We are looking for some first hand reviews of HostGator. If you have used their service, feel free to leave a review through the Comment form below. One or two line reviews won’t be approved.

HostPapa Reviews A Review of Host Papa Web Hosting.

Hostpapa is a privately held shared web hosting company with offices in both the United States and Canada. Hostpapa was founded in 1995 and their world class customer service is based around their motto “Let Papa take care of you”. Hostpapa is also notable because of its dedication to being environmentally friendly and is considered a green energy technology company by participating in some form of carbon credits program.

Insane about their support and customer service.

Hostpapa built up its excellent reputation as a web hosting provider through the simple formula of having first rate customer service that is not only technically competent, but personal in their interaction with their customers. Hostpapa uses the best server technology available and has a 99.9% guaranteed uptime and has a thirty-day money back guarantee for new clients. Hostpapa has a massive online support database as well as live support online and free 24-hour telephone support with access numbers both in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Technologically speaking Top Web Hosting Reviews  Hostpapa is considered a leader in the shared hosting field because of their great security features and early adaptation to MySQL 5, PHP 5.2 & private .htaccess. The web application Fantastico makes it easy for you to install a variety of web 2.0 applications ranging from WordPress & WordPress MU, Forums, Auctions, Image Galleries, Soho Launch, and much more.
I picked Hostpapa as my shared web hosting company for five reasons:

iPowerWeb review:

User submitted reviews of Ipower Web Hosting  A reputable web host since the beginning.

Ipower is one of those web hosting companies that has been the since the start of the web hosting industry. One thing that I always remembered about ipower is that they have had one ugly web site ever since I can remember.
But where they lack in a good design department, they make up for it with a really solid web hosting service. They have been known ever since 2001 to provide some really reliable web hosting – this is when they got their first data center.
<< Click here to visit Ipower Web Hosting >>

Let’s take a look at their services offered:

They offer a wide range of services including:
Shared Hosting – the plans start at $3.95/m for 5GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth. They have just recently jumped on the unlimited disk space/transfer and offer starting at $5.95/m. You can decide between Linux and Windows Hosting – however they are mostly known for their Linux line of hosting.
VPS Web Hosting – Virtual Private Servers starting at $49.99/m for 20GB disk space and 1TB of bandwidth. The plan is guaranteed 128MB of server RAM but is burst able up to 1GB when loads are low.

Dedicated Servers – Really bargin based servers starting at $129.99. All their servers are Hewlett Packard and are Intel Celeron based. I am not a big fan of Celerons in servers so I can’t personally recommend them – however some people are big fans of the Celeron.
Company Website URLs: ipower
Are you a customer of iPower Web Hosting
We are always in need of current reviews on every website hosting service we review. If you have any experiences with iPower, past or current, we would be very greatful if you would share them with our readers.

1. I was impressed with their customer service and customer satisfaction index. 99% of Hostpapa’s customers are happy with their service and stay with the company year after year with many who have been with them as far back as 1995. I have never had a question that their customer service team could not answer.
2. Their hosting services are reliable. With 99.9%+ uptime and tech support who are constantly monitoring Hostpapa’s server farms I can rest easy at night knowing my website is available 24/7 365 days a year gathering customers for me.
3. Hostpapa uses modern technology so my website is responsive and loads fast. Once I properly optimized my site I was amazed at the speed I was receiving from a shared web hosting solution.
4. I like going with winners and Hostpapa is an award winning company who is regularly ranked as one of the top ten hosting providers.
5. Hostpapa makes it easy to be a website administrator with the industry standard cPanel web 2.0 web application.
You can visit them at their website here.
HostMonster Review: top hosting providers.

HostMonster 2018 User Submitted Reviews.

Top Web Hosting Reviews for HostMonster is one web hosting company I’m not so sure about. I have seen many reviews on the web hosting forums I frequently visit for and against Host Monster. I constantly see threads open about people who either love HostMonster like crazy or hate them to the nth degree.
That said, HostMonster is a really big web hosting company – probably one of the biggest in the industry. They really started growing back in 2005 and since then have taken off like crazy. While in business since 1996, just recently did they start getting really big which I think accounts for a lot of the negative reviews they have gotten.

Usually when hosting companies go through big growth spurts it takes them a little bit of time to catch up to their customers requirements and demands. Usually during these periods is when you see the most negative reviews towards a company.

Company Websites:,
Types of services offered:
• Shared Hosting Only – They have adopted the single hosting plan model. It is an all-inclusive plan that boasts unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth starting at $5.95/m if you buy for a 3 year pre-pay. Their month to month rate is $9.95/m. Linux Servers only at the moment. You can check out their shared web hosting plan here.

Are you a current customer of Host Monster?
We are specially in need of recent HostMonster Reviews. If you have ever used HostMonster in the past or are a current customer, we would love to hear your review of their service. You know how hard it is to find a good hosting provider – so help our readers out by leaving your experiences!

FatCow Hosting Review – Still a good hosting provider after 10 years!
Recent User Submitted Reviews for FatCow Web Hosting 2017

Today I am reviewing one of the oldies that have been in the hosting business since the very beginning – FatCow Hosting Review

Fat Cow was founded in 1998 and is a very unique hosting company as far as their branding is concerned. If you check out their website at, you will notice that it is very newbie oriented. You will notice hardly and technical terms on their site and they like to substitute a lot of the words with normal everyday words that make more sense.

If you are a newbie to owning, running, or designing websites, I highly recommend FatCow to you. Their service is probably one of the easiest to use as they dull it all down so even someone who just starting using computers will probably be able to understand how to do everything. They also offer a number of easy to use tools for building your website. These are perfect if you absolutely no nothing about web design or web hosting!

Let’s take a look at their hosting plan:

Shared web hosting only! – They offer only one hosting plan but it is a completely scalable unlimited bandwidth and disk space hosting plan. This is perfect for new websites as you will probably never reach that amount of resource usage for years and years to come. This particular plan comes to about $4.99/m which if you pay for it for a year. A Special $10 off “moo”pon for TWHR readers!
Domain registration – They also offer domain registration like many of the standard hosting companies. I do not suggest you order both web hosting and your domain name from FatCow as it is never a good idea to put all your eggs into one basket!

I would like to hear your FatCow Reviews!
If you have been a customer of FawCow, or currently are one of their customers, I encourage you to leave your honest review of your experience with them. We really need our readers to tell us about service levels of the different hosts as we can not exist without our user submitted reviews!

Here is a review from another hosting review site:
FatCow is a very special web hosting company – the way they brought up their hosting plans, they way they design their website, the way they offer their hosting features – everything seems different in FatCow. Personally, I define being different and surviving for 10 years as remarkable!
With FatCow Hosting, you’ll get fast server and reliable backup policy, and effecient customer supports! – Review by Web Hosting Secret Revealed.