Photography Website Hosting Reviews 2018

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Hello and thank you for being here reading my article concerning photography website hosting. If you are here then I assume you are either a professional photographer or an up and coming photographer looking to create an online portfolio.

And with good reason I believe today everyone looking to get into any kind of business whether it be art, engineering, music, photography etc should have a website. And when it comes to website hosting or more specific photography website hosting you do NOT want to go with a rinky dink hosting provider and risk your reputation should your website crash.
In this post I am going to cover what to look for in a hosting provider and who I recommend.
If you are short on time I highly recommend using Hostgator, which I use to host the 5 websites I currently own. They are reliable, inexpensive and have superior customer sevice.
I pay for the baby plan which is $2.95 a month and have never had a problem. You can also use the coupon code ““BESTOFFER2017”and get 75% off.
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Let’s begin..

Photography Website Hosting: What To Look For

There are quite a few factors to investigate before you acquire website hosting and certain things you want to look for in a web hosting company.
The first and the most important thing is to check for the “techy” things you want to have, like technologies used on the server (PHP, Perl, FTP, SSH, MySQL, etc). These abbreviations can definitely make your head spin if you do not know what they mean, but no need to be troubled since any honorable web hosting company deals with this behind the scenes.
Access speed and memory limit is second on the list of objects to check and make sure what’s being offered. If everything is ok here, you usually check the prices. You want to make sure you spend time conducting your due diligence and are picking the right package that satisfies all your business needs.

Finally, it’s a good idea to determine if the company you acquire Best Cheap web hosting from offers reseller plans and international hosting. This has nothing to do with photography website hosting but if they do offer these packages then they are most likely a great provider.
Be aware of the companies which come with bad client service as it is a immensely important issue for web hosting. We all know things can go awry at any time and let’s say your site crashes, if you select a company with unreliable customer help this can constitute a huge hit to your profits and reputation. So choosing to go with the less expensive provider with poor customer service can result in more problems at the end.

Photography Website Hosting: I Highly Recommend Hostgator

I own and run five websites which are all hosted through Hostgator and I have no issues with my product or customer service.
Hostgator has some of the better customer support I’ve come by and while I’ve yet to have a large problem with my websites they are always ready to help.
Not only is their support accessible 24/7 it is also easily accessible inside your client control panel whenever you choose.
If you are looking for an low-cost site hosting, considering the services of Hostgator is a good suggestion.
Furthermore, as the service was established in 2002, it has more than 9 years of experience on the market. After 9 years you can bet they have countless of satisfied clients and growing. The staff of 750 employees helps to provide excellent services for the customers of 200 countries all over the world.

How Much Is Hostgator for Photography Website Hosting

Hostgator has 3 packages and all are really affordable for the ordinary person.
 Hatchling Plan: This package is for those people who know for sure that they will not be using more then one site. It hosts just one domain and it’s $2.95 per month.

 The Baby Plan: Starting under $5.95 per month this is the package I would recommend for most people. It hosts unlimited domains just in case you ever decide to build a second website.

 Business Plan: Compared to the baby package this package also provides hosting of unlimited websites and has a few additional features. It begins just under $5.95 per month.
 If you are not 100% satisfied with Hostgator they do provide a 45 day money back guarantee. As if I didn’t mention this enough, but if at anytime you have any problems with your service their 24/7 customer support is always ready to help.
 Frankly, as soon as you test the baby plan with the 8.95/month payment, you are likely to turn into a constant Hostgator customer.
 Thank you for reading my photography website hosting article and remember to input the code ““BESTOFFER2017” upon checkout.
 ==>Click here to view Compare their Plans<==