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Are you an up and coming entrepreneur or aspiring blogger looking for personal website hosting? I first want to say welcome to my buy web hostingtips website. I hope I can help you to find the best website hosting company as I currently own and operate 5 websites and did quite a bit of research before actually signing up.

I first want to go over what you should look for in a reliable company and who I recommend.
If you are in a bit of a rush and don’t want to spend the next 10-15 minutes here reading this article you can go directly to and learn more about them. I give them my full support as I use them exclusively to host all my sites and have never had a problem.
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What To Look For in a Personal Website Hosting Company

When going through your research on personal website hosting companies there are quite a few things to analyze before placing your order.
Obviously, the first and the most important thing is to check for is the “behind the scenes” things you want to have, like technologies used on the server (PHP, Perl, FTP, SSH, MySQL, etc).
If you are like me and have no knowledge to what these abreviations mean there is no need to worry since most web hosting providers handle these things for you.

Access speed and memory limit is second on the list of items to check and make sure what’s being offered. If everything is ok here, you usually look at the monthly price. You want to make sure you spend time doing your research and are picking the right package that satisfies all your personal requirements.

You may also want to quicly check client reviews before you pay money for web hosting.
You also want to make sure the company you are taking into account includes international hosting and reseller packages. If yes, it’s an indicator of a trustworthy company.

Customer support is also a huge ingredient when looking for a first-class company. You can have issues with your site any time, and having it offline even for a few hours can bring huge harm to your respectability and earnings. Choosing a hosting provider based on only price and not taking into account customer service can be a costly mistake at the end.
Why I choose Hostgator for Personal Website Hosting

I own and operate five sites which are all hosted through Hostgator and I have no issues with my product or customer service.
I have never had a major difficulty with my sites typically just simple stuff but even still their 24/7 customer support has always been at hand to quickly repair the problem.

The terrific thing about their support is they are always available within your customer control panel once you sign up with them.
I greatly advocate buying personal website hosting from Hostgator if you are searching for a low-priced, safe hosting company.
Experience is also a main factor and being started in 2002 Hostgator does not get left behind with 9 years of experience. After 9 years you can bet they have a number of of happy customers and growing. The staff of 750 people helps to provide first-class services for the clients of 200 countries all around the world.

What is included in Hostgator Prices

There are three very cheap packages that Hostgator provides.
 The Hatchiling Plan: Beginning at $2.75 a month and hosts just a single domain. If you know for a fact you will not be building more then one website this package could be for you.
 Baby Plan: In my opnion this is the recommended hosting plan for the average person. You can have unlimited sites and begins and just under $5.95 a month.
 Business Plan: Compared to the baby plan this package also offers hosting of unlimited websites and has a couple more features. It begins under $5.95 a month.
 Moreover, Hostgator includes 45-day money-back guarantee should you not be pleased with the service. As if I didn’t mention this enough, but if at anytime you have any issues with your service their 24/7 customer service is always ready to help.
 I highly suggest you get started with the baby plan. It’s inexpensive, reliable and I feel it has everything you require to start your website.
 That’s all folks thank you for reading my personal website hosting article and don’t forget to save 75% by applying the code “BESTOFFER2017”
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