Finding The Best Ab Belts for Men

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When men are shopping for an ab toning device generally what their thinking about is “which belt will help me get six pack abs”. Based on this assumption there are some features which are more important than others when a man is shopping for an abdominal Best Ab Belts.

What Features are Important

The two most important features are the number of intensity levels and the built-in programs offered in the belt.
The intensity levels determine how intense of a workout you can have from the device, while the programs offer a variety of workout routines you can use to train your abs.

Which Belt Offers the Highest Intensity Setting?

The Flex Belt offers intensity settings from 1-150. This is 50 settings higher than the next closest device, Contour Abs System (1-100). The theory goes that having more intensity levels to work through means you can train your abdominals harder.

You start at the highest intensity setting you can handle (might be 30 or 40) then increase the intensity setting every few days as you progress. Ideally when you’re using an intensity setting of 60 or 70 then you’re abs have increased their endurance from when you started.

Which Belt offers the Best Workout Programs?

Again, the Flex belt wins out here with 10 different workout programs to train your core muscles. The runner-up once again is Contour abs with six different programs.

The programs built into these devices vary how long, the pattern and to some degree, the intensity of the EMS used to flex and contract your abs. Having a variety of programs to choose from means your abs never get the chance to learn the patterns and will continue to improve over time.


While the Flex Belt is a few bucks more then the Contour Abs device it does offer a 60-day guarantee Vs 30 days with Contour and also a 2 Year Warranty Vs a 1 Year. If you want the best ab belt for men then we suggest trying the Flex Belt.

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