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Best Cheap Web Hosting Review For E-Commerce Features Provided by HostMonster for Online Companies
If you are a business entity looking for a secure web host to house your website, HostMonster is a prime choice considering the great features that we can offer you in terms of hosting space and e-commerce features for your company account. Looking to do official online transactions and sales? HostMonster has just the plan to maintain your business website which will fit your company needs.

Shopping Cart and a Secure Server

HostMonster’s SSL secure server will enable you to run your e-commerce activities smoothly and in a worry-free manner. The confidence that HostMonster’s services inspires is due to its leading reputation in secure Best Cheap Web Hosting Review and top customer service. With HostMonster, we provide an OS Commerce Shopping Cart to create and manage your online store. You can also opt for the Agora Shopping Cart depending on your preferences and needs. With these shopping cart features, you will be able to establish a manageable system to set up and to maintain. With these features you will also be able to display and present your store and products according to your own unique specifications.

Documentation and Directories

With the HostMonster, you can be assured that customers transacting with you will get a free generated certificate for online transactions from your site. The HostMonster site is so secure that the directories that your website will collect, archive and accumulate is secure from any kind of threat. The password protected directories will assure your customers of how safe your website is for them to do online transactions confidently. Best Cheap Web Hosting Review With Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Encryption that provides authentication and cryptographic privacy for customers, it increases safe communications between you and your clients. The GPG (or GNU Privacy Guard) tool digital signatures can safely be sent online via encrypted data and will be stored, safely away from any third party threats.

With these first-rate e-commerce features, HostMonster is one web host that will enable customers transact with you in the most convenient and hassle-free manner. HostMonster also guarantees the safety and security of your information, and that of your customers, that you communicate online to each other.

Hostmonster And Your Blog

You are a writer and you are seriously thinking of going online. Nowadays, there are many ways of getting yourself an online presence. There are free webhosting plans but you have to be willing to share some space on your pages with banner advertisements. The best choice for bloggers are those shared webhosting accounts that have very affordable monthly subscription rates.

Hostmonster is a very good choice for bloggers and they offer a very easy to use control panel to manage the software that is responsible for making your writings available to everyone. Why is Hostmonster a very good choice for bloggers? Well, it is one of the best Linux web hosts and was the winner of Best Linux Hosting for 2018. Why is this distinction important for bloggers? Because most blogging software such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal are optimized for Best Cheap Web Hosting Review Linux servers and are written using PHP scripting language. Hostmonster is known for its fast MySQL databases, your readers will notice that your pages are snappy and responsive. All that speed can be attributed to Hostmonster’s high-tech multiple processor quad-core Opteron chips. These servers are protected 24/7 from power interruptions using high capacity UPS and are backed up daily by Hostmonster’s highly professional staff. That is why Hostmonster is one of the winners of the 2018 Best Blog Hosting.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Review

You can never fear of running out of disk space on Hostmonster. They have unlimited accounts that goes also with unlimited monthly transfers. If you decide to use Hostmonster now, you can take advantage of a specially priced promotion that brings down the cost of blog hosting to as low as $3.95 a month. But to be eligible for this fantastic opportunity, you must agree to let Hostmonster serve out your blog for a minimum of three months.  Best Cheap Web Hosting